Schmuck Of The Week: Bobby Petrino

I was unfortunate enough to see a clip of Bobby  Petrino, head coach of the Lousiville Cardinals football team, up on his soap box crying about sportsmanship and ethics. Hearing a schmuck like Petrino talk about sportsmanship, and imply ethics, is like listening to a politician tell you that they have your best interest in mind— and believing it! I mean that huckster’s shenanigans are infamous. Here’s a timeline for your viewing pleasure.

If we wade through Petrino’s bullshit it’s easy to understand; Lousiville is on the outside looking in, and Bobby doesn’t think it’s fair. In case Bobby forgot, his team lost its one and only big game. Please, don’t mention Florida State, they fucking suck. If that’s the win Bobby wants to hang his hat on, I wish him luck.

The bottom line is this… Washington is undefeated and deserves to be ahead of Louisville. Shit, Louisville isn’t even the best one loss team. Has Petrino watched Ohio State? Their resume may be the most impressive in college football.

The really painful part, the part that has Petrino twisted is that their remaining schedule is awful. There won’t be a win worth a shit on their resume, and Bobby knows it.

Washington can beat an up and coming USC team— and has the ability go on to win the Pac 10 championship. That would be more than enough to keep them ahead of Lousiville.

Ohio State has already beaten Oklahoma on the road, Wisconsin on the road, and just whipped #10 Nebraska like dogs.I mean they beat them like a drum! Oh yeah, and they have the opportunity to beat #3 Michigan— and go on to win the Big 10 championship.

Sorry Bobby, you have a damn good team but beating Wake Forrest, Houston, and Kentucky isn’t going to cut it.

And here’s a special apology to the Louisville fans— Sorry you have to put up with such a prick for a head coach.

OK for now.




2 thoughts on “Schmuck Of The Week: Bobby Petrino

  1. You’re such a prick. Not enough content for your attemp at an article so you harp on the man’s mistakes. Look in the mirror. You ain’t perfect. Or better yet review mama’s and papa’s “shinenegans”, you know the ones they didn’t tell you about, the family secrets and shut the fuck up already. Last time I checked we ALL make mistakes. Petrino is an awesome coach, one of the best AND an even better human being. You’ve no idea, mothers fucking prick.


    • I appreciate every comment left on this site, and yours is no different. Actually, I appreciate yours more on account of all the colorful language — chocked full of “fucks” and advice like “shut the fuck up already,” I like that. Well, the least I can do is render a response, which is what I think you really want. Here we go….

      You called me a prick, which isn’t fair because I called Petrino a prick in the post, and I’m no Petrino. Also, you said I “harp on the man’s past.” I hardly think one sentence with a link to a timeline is harping. There was no need to, the article that I linked to was devastating enough on its own.

      Did you even follow the link and look at the timeline? Marcela….. I don’t think that you did. If you did you would’ve noticed that is was a link to SB nation, a reputable sports site. You would’ve also noticed that the timeline laying out Petrino’s chicanery was quite damning… habitual lying, cheating, possibly voiding contracts, and all around shitty behavior.

      The whole point was that I believe, and apparently the college football playoff committee believes, that there are teams out there more deserving than Louisville. And Petrino, with his checkered past, is the last person that should be trying to take the moral high ground.

      You say he’s an awesome coach— I agree, he would have to be to continually get jobs, despite his downright shitty behavior.
      You say he’s an even better human— I don’t know the man personally, and I doubt that you do either, but I do see how he acts in his public life and it’s not good.

      Perhaps he’s a secret saint— sneaking around and kissing babies and feeding the homeless, but I doubt it. He seems more likely to stomp puppy heads and knife a homeless person for fun. Maybe not.

      Damn, look at this screed, I’m going to have to go here, but let me leave on this….

      Jesus Marcela, whatever you do don’t wade into reading politics. If you get this pissed off over college football, political ramblings will drive you bat shit crazy.


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