Bad Books Read(Attempted) In 2016

wp-1478455234424.jpegSince I’ve mapped out the rest of my reading year, which is full of Harlan Coben, Stephen King, Joe R Lansdale, and maybe a sprinkling of Michael Connelly, I think I can give you my duds of 2016 right now.

The Corrections- Jonathan Franzen: It blows my mind that this book is so well loved. I thought it was unreadable because the story line was boring and I didn’t give a shit about the characters.

After spending 100 or so odd pages laying the groundwork for Chip, you’d think I would like him, or hate him, or give a fuck about him one way or the other. I didn’t.

This book is boring, and if given the option I would rather shovel cow shit. Or watch reality TV.

(0 Stars- Quit on page 217)

The Regional Office is Under Attack- Manuel Gonzales: I heard about this on various bookish podcasts and I really wanted to like it. There is a lot of action if that’s what you’re looking for, but again, boring characters. They’re not fleshed out so you really don’t care about them.

Also, the shit is all over the map. It’s like Mr. Gonzales wrote a cogent story, threw the papers all over the ground, bundled them up in random order, and then published it.

(0 Stars – Quit on page 184)

Mark of the Beast- Adolphus A. Anekwe: The flashy cover caught my eye and the synopsis seemed interesting— so I bought it. And now, when I think about the 9 dollars I spent on this book, I throw up in my mouth. To say it’s poorly written would be an understatement, it’s atrocious. I mean awful!

Do you like interesting characters? You’ll find none here, and the dialogue is fucking silly and robotic. It’s been a while, but I’ll try to make up dialogue to give you an example….

“Denise, go to the store and buy a bottle of bleach so we can try to get rid of the DNA that is on the floor right here by the refrigerator,” Bill said.

“You go to the store, Bill. I’m busy filing my nails. Plus, I’m going to start the process of disposing of the body that is currently laying on the floor right in front of you,” Denise replied.

You get the drift?

(0 stars- Quit on page 92)


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