Random Thoughts: Butt Can Fires And Puppy Time

Butt Can Fires: The smokers at my work are either too stupid or too lazy to throw their trash in the garbage can, so they throw it in the metal butt cans designed for burning cigarettes. Then they throw their burning cigarettes on top of the trash. Then the butt can catches on fire. Then one of the smokers will yell— “We’ve got a fire.” Then someone springs into action and runs inside, fills a mop bucket with water, runs back outside and extinguishes the fire. Then everyone cheers. This happens routinely.

Time: Chihuahua puppies have no concept of time. I say this because it’s currently 3:54am and I can’t sleep. I’m sitting in my recliner with the laptop out typing away. Lulu is running around the house like she’s on crystal meth. Now that I think about it, I never see that dog sleep. Sure she’ll conk out on your lap for a bit, but I mean really sleep. Maybe she really is on meth! I can picture it now, little Lulu out roaming the streets, doing dirty things for her next fix. Note to self: Look into doggie rehab clinics.


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