Shit I Don’t Care About Today:2

The Kim Kardashian robbery: For about two days the Kim K robbery was all the talk. Masked men dressed as police officers tied her up and robbed her. She allegedly lost upwards of 10 million dollars worth of jewelry to these rascals. Why should you care?

You shouldn’t!

Celebrity endorsements: I listen to NPR daily and I’m usually interested in the subject matter— then today happened.

The whole ride home from work was the celebrity endorsement show. Lebron endorsed Hillary, Dennis Rodman backed Trump. Oh, Steph Curry threw his support behind Hillary while Tim Tebow threw his hat in the ring for Trump. Can anyone tell me why I’m supposed to care about this? Nevermind, I just remembered that I don’t give a fuck.

Clowns: I wanted to care about this one. I really tried. I conjured up images of mischievous clowns raising hell in my neighborhood. I just couldn’t force myself to care.

In case you missed it, there are adults out there dressing up like clowns and scaring the shit out of other adults. Grow the fuck up people! They’re just dumbasses dressed like clowns, get over it. I mean Halloween is right around the corner, how are you going to handle that?

PS: I know some of these clowns have committed crimes, but that shouldn’t matter. If someone tries to lure your kid into a vehicle, whether dressed as a clown or in a cardigan, you should beat their ass, or call the cops. Maybe beat their ass and then call the cops. Your choice.




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