Random Thoughts: Vaping, Toaster Strudels and Beggars.


For some reason people at my work think I’m interested in their vapor gadgets. I’ve never once expressed interest, yet they speak to me like I’m in the loop. On any given day someone will thrust a strange-looking device in my face and say something like…

“Check this out! It was only 79 dollars.”

I don’t know what to say. Is that good? I usually say something like….

“Well, if it helps you quit smoking it’s probably worth it.”

Here’s where it gets goofy. A lot of these people tell me that they don’t smoke, they just like to vape. WTF? Really? You are willingly taking on an expensive habit; one that could harm you later.(I don’t know the science on vaping) I just don’t understand.

Toaster Strudels

Yesterday I was in line behind a bizarre looking man at the grocery store. He had 26 boxes of Toaster Strudels and 12 boxes of Eggos on the conveyor belt. These are exact figures, I counted.

The woman running the register tried being nice, you know, engage in friendly chit-chat. The man said nothing.  I really don’t have an opinion on this, I just wanted to get it out there.


The shopping center that I frequent is in a…. well…. I’ll call it an unsavory area. The people lurking in the parking lot have the worst luck. They are usually stuck in one of the following scenarios….

There’s the I just ran out of gas and need a few dollars to put in the tank scenario. This one unlucky guy managed to have run out of gas several times. I can remember at least three times that he had propositioned me for cash to put some gas in his car.

Other times they’re stranded there and need a couple of dollars to catch the bus. This gag has been tried on me several times. Once I offered to buy bus tickets for a couple. For some odd reason they weren’t interested in me actually buying the tickets.

Huh! Go Figure!








2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Vaping, Toaster Strudels and Beggars.

  1. The toaster strudel guy might have been buying for a shelter. My son does that. He will save a portion of his pay every month and then buy whatever the local pantry is most in need of. The first group, they are just dumb. The last group, scary.


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