Random Thoughts: Rock Currency, The Walking Dead And Unplugging


My son is a smart boy, for a five year old. As far as adult stuff, he’s gullible. I convinced him that a penny has infinite value. I pay him one penny per rock that he picks out of the garden. What a great way to de-rock the garden, huh?

Today he thought he was slick and started pulling rocks from under the deck. After that stunt, I started paying him with rocks. When he questioned it, I told him that rocks are worth more than pennies. Of course, he bought it.

*Slight Walking Dead Spoiler Ahead*

Full disclosure: I’m a Walking Dead fan. Also, full disclosure: The season six finale sucked. Bad. For the love of god and everything holy, do you think there were enough commercials? The gang drives down a road. The saviors have it blocked. The gang backs up. Commercial. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Negan has arrived. His entrance was brilliant. Rick and the gang looked dumbfounded and terrified. The acting was fantastic. Finally the time came to introduce someone to “Lucille,” Negan’s barbed wire wrapped bat. And then, the screen cut to black so you couldn’t see which unlucky soul was bludgeoned to death.

Really? That’s how they roll? That was bush league bull shit that you would expect from a second-rate show. Not TWD. We all see what they’re doing. Building suspense for season seven, which is seven months away, as if the viewers interest wasn’t peaked from introduction of Negan. It was F-ing stupid!

It’s not often that you get to set your boss straight. Today was one of those days for me.

My boss has a knack for not understanding the difference between work time and my free time. I had 20 minutes left in my lunch break  when he approached my car. I’m kicked back with my shoes off reading my book. He tapped on the window and I reluctantly rolled it down. He started blabbering about stuff that we needed to get done by the end of the day. In mid sentence I shooshed him.

After the shooshing, I politely held up my book and said “are you sure this isn’t something that can wait twenty-minutes?” He seemed humbled.  I said ” you’ve got to unplug man.” He apologized. I assured him that it was OK and told him I would talk to him about work stuff when my lunch was over. Tail went between legs and off he went. Priceless.





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