Why Does Santa Get All Of The Glory?


Santa Claus is a fraud and I’m tired of his shit. I work my ass off everyday to be able to afford nice gifts for my family. What happens? Santa steals the show and takes credit. Every Christmas I have to listen to my son say Santa brought me this and Santa brought me that. Fu*k that! This year it ends!

While I won’t ruin the Santa charade for my boy, I also won’t sit back idle while Santa one ups me. Yesterday I took action.

I made the executive decision, much to the dismay of my wife, to give my son  an early Christmas present— from Mom and Dad. I didn’t just give him a present, I gave him the best present in the stack… A Wii U.

He was jacked out of his gourd about the gift, and this year, Mom and Dad were the heroes. I might make this a new family tradition.

Suck on that one Santa! I’m sure my kid will love your gifts too. I mean, he does need socks and underwear.






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