Random Thoughts: Pet Peeves

We all have them. Silly little things that others do that drive us up the wall. They’re called pet peeves. Here are some of mine, in no particular order.

Put your carts in the cart carousel: I hate it when people don’t put their carts in the carousel at the grocery store. It’s rude, lazy, and disrespectful. Every time I see somebody do this I want to follow them to their house and commit an atrocity. Or at the least, key their car.

Don’t shuffle across the road: Here’s the scenario: You’re driving down the lane closest to the store exits. Somebody comes out with a full cart. You stop to let them cross. They then proceed to shuffle their feet, pretending that they’re trying to move faster. They may also wave while doing this.

You’re not fooling me because I have eyes; I can see that you’re not moving faster. Look at it this way— I’m committed. I’ve decided to let you pass, either run or take your time.

Don’t pretend like you’re trying to hold the door for me: If you pay attention, you’ll see this all the time. Let’s say you’re about 10 feet away from somebody entering an establishment. The establishment has a self-closing door. The person will look back— contemplate waiting— then put their hand on the closing door in a half ass attempt to make you think that they tried. The hand on the door is supposed to tell you that A: They tried, and B: You are just a bit out of range.

If you do this, stop immediately. Either stand and wait on the person or let the door close.

On a side note: If you’re the one being waited on— don’t you dare think about shuffling your feet to pretend like you’re moving faster.

Organize your purse/wallet somewhere else: This one drives me bonkers. You’re in line at a cash register. The person in front of you finishes paying for their stuff. They then stand there, holding up the line, while they get everything in order. The receipt has to go in a certain spot. The bills also have specific places. This whole ordeal costs me 45 seconds of my life.

For the love of god and everything holy— cram the receipt, dollars, change, ect… into your pocket or purse and situate it later. If you can’t stand the thought of this, then organize it in your car.

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