Five Books For Halloween


If carving pumpkins and trick or treating doesn’t get you into the Halloween spirit, let me help. These five books will do the trick. By “do the trick” I mean scare the crap out of you.

5. The Girl Next Door- Jack Ketchum: It’s a completely plausible story about the depths of human evil. It will have you looking in the back seat of your car. Ketchum is the guy that scares Stephen King.

4. The BigHead- Edward Lee: This book is not for the faint of heart. Reading The Bighead will make you want to take shower. If you’re into splatterpunk, this is a masterpiece.

3. The Shining- Stephen King: If you like the movie, read the book, they’re both great in their own way. Mr. King is at his best in this one.

2. Bite- Richard Laymon: Forget about the twilight vampires, Laymon does it right in this one. This is a great Halloween read.

1. Dead of Winter- Brian Moreland: I read this book a few months ago and it blew me away. This is a well crafted horror novel. Fans of The Exorcist will love it.

These books are not suitable for children or the faint of heart adult.

Happy Reading!!!!


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