Random Thoughts: Potpourri 2


A couple of months ago, in an attempt to not spend money on an edger, I convinced my wife that I could edge our sidewalk with a weed wacker. It looks like crap.

My four-year old has discovered a fantastic new game. Apparently the main objective involves slapping me in the face while I’m trying to sleep.

Not long ago we had what my wife described as a “gigantic rat” in our garage. I caught the beast and removed it. It was a field mouse half the size of an egg.

I hate the mock testicles that hang from the bumper of your big bad truck. I understand that you’re insecure about your manhood, but hanging plastic testicles on your vehicle won’t help it.

For the love of god and everything holy— please drive the speed limit. If you can’t muster the courage to drive 55 mph in a 55 mph zone, don’t drive. Have some respect for the other people that are driving. You may not value time, but others do.



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