Washington DC Fails Honesty Test….. Surprised?


Since 2010 the Honest Tea company has conducted a fun social experiment— set up tea stands all over the country and ask people to pay on the honor system. Grab a bottle of tea, drop a buck in a jar, and off you go.

Here’s the top 5 honest cities….

  1. Atlanta, Georgia (100 percent)
  2. Indianapolis, Indiana (99 percent)
  3. San Diego, California (97 percent)
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (97 percent)
  5. Houston, Texas (97 percent)

Rounding out the bottom 5 honest cities….

  1. Providence, Rhode Island (83 percent)
  2. Boston, Massachusetts (85 percent)
  3. Tampa, Florida (85 percent)
  4. Miami, Florida (88 percent)
  5. Minneapolis, Minnesota (90 percent)

The cesspool named Washington DC is worth singling out. While combined with Bethesda they finished 17th on the list with a 94% honesty rating, DC was the only area to actually have people steal money out of the jar. Who would have ever thought that someone from Washington DC would be dishonest and steal?

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