Five Things To Jump Start Your Day


I do these five things every morning. They help me wake up and start my day right.

1. Drink lots of coffee: It’s a fact— drinking coffee by the gallon improves your IQ, motor skills, problem solving ability, cures the flu, and much more. Well, maybe not, but it’s damn good.

2. Stretch: Carve out some time for this one. Even if it’s only five minutes, you will notice a difference. I do mine while I’m standing at the back door waiting for the dogs to do their business.

3. Take 10 deep breaths: In through your nose….. Out through your mouth. Breathing helps to calm and focus you. I do it while I’m stretching.

4. Do a hot/cold blast in the shower: If you’re a shower at night person, disregard this tip. If you’re the type of person that stumbles into the shower in the morning, eyes barely open, this one is for you. At the end of your hot shower, flip the nozzle all the way to cold. Let the cold water hit you for as long as you can take it. It will wake you up in a jiffy.

5. Think pleasant thoughts: Very few people work their dream job. Dare I say, most don’t like their jobs at all. While getting ready for work, think of things that make you happy. It can be anything. A loved one, a movie that you’re going to watch later, dinner that night, anything that puts you in the right mindset.


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